All in one solo solution

Drinking water cooler for installation in kitchen environment All in One Solo solution.

  1. Boiling water without lime.
  2. Ice cold drinking water.
  3. Ice cold drinking water with soda.
  4. Normal hot water.
  5. Normal cold water.

All in one Solo …… with 5 kinds of water from 1 tap.

Sparkling 17i contains a 2 ° C cold metal block that ensures a constant supply of fresh, clean and cold drinking water that is purified via activated carbon filters. All our coolers are flow-through coolers with stainless steel spirals, from which refreshing, cool cold water can be drained into glass, bottles or jugs.

Our coolers are “Buy to keep” product, designed for 12 to 15 years of operation.

Solo water heater supplies 104°C hot water and with 4.7 l boiling water ready. All boiling water is lime-free, to optimize operation and taste.