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All in One Tap 5

Drinking water cooler for installation in kitchen environment All in One Solo solution. 5 types of water from one tap.

  1. Boiling water without lime.
  2. Ice cold drinking water.
  3. Ice cold sparkling drinking water.
  4. Normal hot water.
  5. Normal cold water.
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Sparkling 17i contains a 2 ° C cold metal block that ensures a constant supply of fresh, clean and cold drinking water that is purified via activated carbon filters. All our coolers are flow-through coolers with stainless steel spirals, from which refreshing, cool cold water can be drained into glass, bottles or jugs.

Our coolers are “Buy to keep” product, designed for 12 to 15 years of operation.

Solo water heater supplies 98C hot water with built-in child safety, but 3.2 l boiling water ready. All boiling water is lime-free, to optimize operation and taste.

Available in many colors – ask for your special need.


Swinger with 6 water features.

The swan neck can swing 30 degrees so it can be flushed around the sink, to the left of there is a pull-out shower which is adjusted on the mixer, choice panel with 3 buttons milled in table or door.

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The cooler “Sparkling 17i” contains a 2 ° C cold metal block. Coolers are a stainless steel spiral flow cooler. All water is purified via activated carbon filter. This has a marked improvement in the taste and quality of the cold drinking water. This ensures a constant supply of fresh, clean and cold drinking water.

Build buttons according to your needs:

ice water, lime-free and boiling water.

ice water, sparkling and filtered water.

Boiling lime-free water, cold sparkling water and ice water.

Available in these colors:

  • Black with copper ring (Stock item)
  • Brass with copper ring.
  • Brushed brass with copper ring.
  • Chrome with copper ring.

Tap 3 Round / Squared

Tap 3 Round / Square tap hands out:

  • Cold water with soda.
  • Cold water.
  • Calcified water, or ice water with gentle soda.
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Available in different colors.

Chrome and brushed steel are stock items.


  • Drip tray with or without drain can be laser cut with the customer’s own Logo in the grate. See photos. (not included – to be bought aside)
  • Insulation for the hoses.
  • Aerator.
  • Electronic waterblock.
  • Water cooler sparkling 17i.
  • Lime filter Claris small
  • Carbon filter QAC8

Examples of drip trays:

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3 in 1 tap

Tap 3 in 1 hands out :

1. boiling water.

2. Cold water

3. hot water

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Available in chrome, (black and stainless steel – not in stock)

it is recommended to install a filter anticalcium Claris 170 – not included.

Colors / alloys

Below some of the colors / alloys in which products are delivered ( not all are possible for all products – ask for options)


Carbonfilter QAC8

The carbon filter is mounted before the drinking water flows into the cooling system.

REMEMBER! to mount the filter in the right flow direction, as well as the obligation before mounting, the first 2 liters of water will be almost black as there is coal dust that must be due before use.

IMPORTANT MAX 4 bar water pressure, the water pressure is above 4 bar, a pressure regulator must be mounted on the water supply.

  • 100% water filtration for clarity and optimum taste.
  • Optimal water quality.
  • Filtration of particles down to 0.5 microns.
  • Removes impurities and visible particles.
  • Removes Micro plastic, odor and off-flavor.
  • Extends the life of the water cooler.
  • Easy to install and replace.
  • Recommended for drinking water coolers, ice cube machines and coffee machines and American refrigerators.
  • Removes large particles.
  • Capacity 8,000 liters max 6-12 months important.
  • Active carbon filter that removes substances that inhibit odor and taste, such as chlorine and organic compounds.
  • Mini particle filter then removes as ocher.

An active carbon filter can remove free chlorine, micro plastic, chloramide, chlorine dioxide, phenols, organic solvents and pesticides.

Everpure Claris Ultra

  • Designed for lime reduction, very hard water ranges than 180 ppm
  • Poor taste removes integrated carbon filter
  • Sediment removal 5.0 µm
  • Quick change filter
  • Ph neotral
  • Does not attack metals.
  • Suitable for coffee machines up to 95 C
  • 0-5 step bypass filtration process
  • DuoBlend bypass technology
  • 1 year warranty

Outstanding water filtration (patent pending) With the introduction of the Claris ULTRA, Everpure offers a new standard for water filtration technology so far providing inaccessibility to scale and acidity control. Everpure’s new Claris ULTRA filter range successfully solves the challenges, finding the best balance between protecting a coffee machine investment and achieving the desired quality brewed coffee, espresso, other hot drinks and ice cubes, by consistently maintaining a moderate acidity level according to EU regulation drinking water. Claris ULTRA with its new water filtration and conditioning technology is the world’s first filter system to effectively combine hardness reduction, mineral stabilization and corrosion inhibition by maintaining a controlled low carbon level in the water. As a result, Everpure Claris ULTRA delivers the best available water quality for hot drinks and ice machines while preventing lime formation in machines and inhibiting metal migration (corrosion) of machine parts across the widest range of water hardness levels. Extends the life of your equipment – low operating costs The Claris ULTRA is specifically designed to remove a variety of contaminants from the water, such as particles or unwanted taste & odor. In addition, it adapts and stabilizes the water hardness and minerals as well as increasing the efficiency of hot drinks and ice machines and to minimize operating costs. The reduction and stabilization of hardness is only part of the story to protect machine parts. A foodservice water filter also needs to trigger a balanced acidity in water that is the basis for perfect hot drinks and to inhibit metal migration from sensitive machine parts. Claris ULTRA meets all these requirements and offers unparalleled low operating costs. It delivers perfect water in food high quality and preparation drink, preventing lime problems as well as very easy operation.

Do not hesitate asking